The “Economic Recovery”


So, how is the recovery going for you?  Me?  Well, that depends.  It seems that if you listen to the reporting on the financial news networks, this recovery is doing great and every one is working again.  I would like to remind everyone to pump their breaks for a minute and relax.  As an economics student, I find it hard to believe that every one is working again when there are still “2.3 million” people that are still under the long term unemployed umbrella.  Depending upon my status I may or may not fall into that category (seeing how I have an unpaid internship to gain experience in the business) but experiencing what their going through I can tell you that this “recovery” isn’t working for everyone.  In order for me to achieve my long term goal of creating the most transparent investment brokerage I have to gain entrance into this exclusive club.  In order to do that, I have to finish my degree, complete my MBA, and hope there is an opportunity around. Having accounting experience should have been able to get me hired, right?  I am told “your laid back and nothing bothers you, you’re perfect” that is until there is about another 50 people in line for the same lonely position.  Meanwhile, we have those with master’s degrees still looking for work but the recovery is wonderful, right?  Now, lets turn out attention to Washington and how our “elected officials” want to call us lazy and assume we don’t want to work while the very people that put them in office suffer.  I wonder how they would feel if they had no means to pay their mortgages and car notes?  How about if they had no means to buy food for their kids because 1. their snap was cut and 2. their emergency unemployment got cut off after Christmas?  Yeah, they would want their government to help them since they paid into the system to begin with.  I am quite sure that those of you have heard this line “I am sorry but your overqualified for the position”. Although, I know there is a better way I really understand how some individuals turn to the wrong side of the law to support themselves when you want to do everything right, take a substantial paycut so you can support your self and your family only to be turned down again and again and again.

I guess we have to be foreign in order to receive the aid we pay for.  I mean, we can find a billion dollars for other countries but we cannot help Americans in any way shape or form.  Trying to find a just over broke is a just over broke situation in itself.  We need solutions to this problem and with more students graduation more of the long term unemployed that have been accounted for will continue to suffer.  How much longer do I and the rest of those that are in this cycle have to hear “I’m sorry your overqualified”?